Tiny Homes

Welcome to lnste Home Manufacturing, the premier destination for those looking to have a ADU built and explore the world of Tiny Homes in California. Our dedication to crafting small homes for sale set us apart as leaders in the industry. Whether searching for ADU for sale or considering a Tiny lnste Home, We offer diverse options to suit your needs, as we feel that we are one of the Best tiny home builder.

If you have your own blue prints, that,s ok, we can work with you on whatever your needs may be.

At the core of our mission is the belief that our Tiny Homes provides shelter and instill a sense of pride, ownership, and dignity in their occupants. We aim to create a haven that promotes well-being while minimizing living cost with our small homes. We pride ourselves on innovatively revolutionizing the home building and construction industry while helping curb Homelessness.


Discover the future of home building and construction with our sleek and innovative designs. At Inste Home, we are revolutionizing the industry while addressing homelessness with our excellent services.


Our scalable home solutions make homeownership achievable for anyone and everyone. Experience the ease of acquiring a home that is both affordable and durable.


We are one of the most affordable Tiny home & ADU Builders in our field, we have fair prices and great quality. Please give us a try, We will do our best work for you.


We use led lighting, & other materials through out, are products have a lower impact on the environment through out the life cycle of products.

About Us

We are a modern building agency

Established in December 2016 in the City of Citrus Heights, CA.

Inste Home has a noble mission to help combat homelessness, with over 30 years of experience in residential & commercial construction, 0ur team is committed to crafting homes with a footprint under 800 square feet.

Benefiting from more than 30 years of experience in residential construction, our team at Inste Home has committed to crafting Adu,s and tiny homes for backyards & lots. Adu,s range from  800 sq ft for 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms at 1000 sq ft. Drawing on our expertise, we have remodeled homes for the blind as well as disabled persons, enhancing their quality of life.

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We are seeking funding or donations
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Inste Home and Homeless program

Inste Home Manufacturing Homes For Homeless In California

We have a program for Homeless persons and Veterans

You can sign up on our list, then pick locations City or County, where you would like to live.
This is an affordable program to help with rent to own opportunities so a person can pay $ 250.00 or $ 500.00 dollars a month with a down payment that will determine the payoff for ownership of home.

Homes for rent have become unaffordable, forcing more people to the streets. Many cities and counties have commissioned there law enforcement agencies to remove vehicles that are not registered within there counties. Many cities and counties implemented laws to remove Homeless people from public/private land due to drug use, drinking, and elevated crime. However, this is not the situation for the vast majority of homeless people. Many people can no longer afford the high rents in there cities. There are not enough out reach programs to support the working/ non working people.
lnste Home can resolve this issue. Invest in People.

Who we are


Services We Provide

We provide Maintenance & Repairs for the tiny home for 3 years.

We deliver our homes to the site location, where we place the home on a foundation, we then connect the home to sewer, water, and electrical services.

We are not a non-profit Business. We charge a $300.00 for site visits.

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